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Here at Healing Earth,
in support of Conscious Collective Human Evolution

There always arises a third position, which is not in opposition.

it is always possible to choose integrity over comfort, though rarely easily.

courage is not the absence of fear, it is the right use of will to embrace fear and do it anyway.

engaged education encourages the learner to take full responsibility for their own education, personal empowerment and liberation.

there are always multiple ways for everyone to get their needs met.

Love, intimacy and presence are natural healing forces.

intimacy is cultivated with consistency and continuity of communication, empathy and presence.

the war in our hearts is the same war waged between nations and collectives.

Our needs become conscious when we are in touch with our feelings

by healing our own hurts, wounds and traumas, we heal the war in our hearts.

our ancestors and all our relations are always available for assistance

We are moving from an unconscious individual evolution to a conscious collective evolution

needs negotiation is at the core of every relationship, whether conscious or not

The evolution of human consciousness rests upon our ability to peacefully collaborate

Peaceful collaboration requires due diligence to non-violent communication

Presence, non-violent communication and empathy heal interpersonal trauma

through our bodies we feel and become aware; our needs and desires become clear

humanity is undergoing a massive rite of passage, a paradigm shift, a revolution

The guidance of our indigenous elders and ancestors is crucial to this rite of passage

love is a universal principle, illustrating essential truths of all-pervasive oneness and interconnectivity

love has qualities of grace, mercy, power and beauty, just like the ocean.

love requires integrity, responsibility and intimacy

responsibility is doing the right thing even when we’re triggered or tired.

integrity is consistently making choices in alignment with our deepest beliefs, regardless of circumstances

integrity is regularly challenging our assumptions and checking our blind spots for shadow beliefs

liberation and empowerment are approached through acknowledging and re-integrating unresolved trauma.

the true mystery cannot be named by words, defined by thoughts or understood by knowing

spirituality is a first-hand, personally relevant cosmology for exploring synchronistic existential phenomena

every being has unique ways of perceiving, processing and knowing the world

universal principles are generally also true, or truer, in their inverse