Healing happens in connection with others. Whether one-to-one or in a circle of community, we come to know ourselves through the reflection and mirroring of others to whom we matter and belong–we become whole, or healed, in the experience of receiving warmth and resonance from humans who can empathize with the most vulnerable parts of us, and our life energy around them; our feelings and needs. Relational neuroscience, constellation and non-violent communication reveal a variety of very effective strategies proven to cultivate healing relationships rather than harming ones. Ask me about them today. 

our nervous systems are designed to be in warm resonant connection with other humans.

warm resonant empathy is what we’re always seeking in our behaviors, whether consciously or unconsciously. even the strategy of avoiding connection with others is a tragic attempt to create safety and warmth for the self. This is true of our symptoms–they seek warm acknowledgement from us.

By tending to our own healing, we transform the world. By being present with the parts of ourselves that most need our love and attention, we bring presence to all that has been excluded, relieving suffering, struggle, violence and war in ourselves, our relationships, our families, communities and the world.
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Together we work with overlapping holographic fields of resonance, on all levels, in all places and times, for peaceful collaboration: in support of conscious collective evolution, one heart at a time.
Constellation as a tool for healing and belonging is a much needed balm for the troubling nature of our time and can be a crucial part of creating new ways to move forward together as a species. We must find a healthy balance of autonomy and inter-dependance with ourselves, each other and the world, and Constellation is one of the very finest methods I have found.

Distance constellation sessions are by Zoom (https://zoom.us/) – you will be able to see me and the constellation field in separate windows. A recording of our session can be made available if desired. If you don’t have a reliable internet connection, we can talk talk by phone and I can send photos of the constellation by email or SMS.

Constellation is an experiential, embodied, phenomenological approach to working with inner and outer relational systems in a focused on-to-one session. In Constellation we are invited beyond the thinking mind, cultivating a phenomenal heart and body-centered knowing that can heal chronic or acute issues other methods have failed to address.

Systemic Constellation are a safely held and gently facilitated experiential process. Once the issue and intention are clarified, we identify the people or concepts involved in the issue, which are given a place, represented physically so that both can observe. In following the movements of the constellation in this context of the field of knowing, we are guided together into revelation, acknowledgment and healing movements. In this process we can express insights and resolve family of origin issues as well as internal systemic complexes, natal and developmental traumas or other hidden influences, patterns or entanglements which have often been in existence since long before birth.

There is no experience required for receiving these sessions, and no special preparation is necessary. Just arrive with a clear sense of what you’d like to receive as a result of your session. what is your intention? what does your heart most desire?

There are many varieties of constellation available to meet your needs!
Family Constellation: Address family of origin issues, resolve past inter-generational patterns, tend to painful ancestral events, receive support and guidance from your healthy ancestors.
Couple Constellation: increase joy and mutual appreciation between you and your beloved. Build intimacy, resonant empathy, connection and understanding.
Dream Constellation: Engage in meaningful connection and collaboration with the archetypes, symbols and beings visiting your dreams. Raise consciousness, personal empowerment and integrity.
Crossroad Constellation: Helpful in times of major transition and decision making. See what it’s like to explore each path you might choose, and see how they might respond to you.
Nature Constellation: Explore issues related to various eco-fields. Reconnect with your home-land. Gain a deeper understanding of the interconnection of eco-systems and natural processes. Take a look at any of a wide variety of eco-crisis situations around the world, and find out how we can help. Shamanic and Ceremonial Constellation: Sometimes we are called into a ritual space during the course of a constellation. When a ceremony presents itself, in collaboration with inspiration, together we can reveal a resonant experience that honors what is most wanting expression through the constellation. 
Other varied Systemic Constellations: As this modality is so brilliantly adaptable and versatile, I am always open to what emerges in the field as my experience deepens to include more of the larger systems in which we live and thrive. There is no end to the possibilities for healing in this context! Let us explore the field together and see what wants to be seen.

warm resonant empathy and presence prevent traumatic stress

trauma is both healed and prevented by 'being with' our discomfort and pain in a safe and loving container