OperaPassionbannerI have expressed my great loves of color, form, texture and space in a wide variety of ways throughout my life–from movement and theatre arts, to sculpture, painting, jewelry-making and photography.

Many of my creations are available for purchase in my online Store at SQUARE.com.OperaCup

I grew up in a family where art and music were greatly valued, and I am so grateful for this privilege. I love to surrender to the colorful mess of the creative process, accompanying my essence into some or other material form, be it concept or sculpture or story. I’ve had the privilege of connecting with many wonderful teachers, role models and examples of living a creatively engaged life.

To satisfyingly express myself creatively is one of my greatest measures of personal success. (page in progress)

warm resonant empathy and presence prevent traumatic stress

trauma is both healed and prevented by 'being with' our discomfort and pain in a safe and loving container