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Health Constellations can help us find our way into a more vibrant life of joy and fulfillment. I have confidence in this claim because this is my story. I’ve lived it, and I’m committed to sharing what I’ve discovered.

From a foundation in shamanic practices, indigenous wisdom, ecological intelligence, and dream tending, I’ll facilitate a variety of constellation practicing principles of systemic medicine used by German Constellation facilitator/trainer Stephan Hausner in conjunction with the archetypal medicine of James Hillman and the cutting edge brain science of Interpersonal Neurobiology and NVC as taught by Sarah Peyton.

In a heart-centered circle of warm mutual presence, discovering, acknowledging, and tending to unseen barriers, entanglements, and relational influences can allow optimum health to emerge. This weekend experience can help you:
♥ Open to and deepen your innate healing abilities
♥ Release resistances to being fully present with your Whole Self
♥ Increase trust in your body’s wisdom & your soul’s intelligence
♥ Identify resources to help you continue on your healing path
♥ Bring meaning to otherwise hopeless experiences
♥ Find relief for symptoms other methods have failed to address
51492279_10218095835406859_4671664622535704576_oSat/Sun, June 15-16: 10am-5pm (lunch around 1pm)
WHERE: Jackson Wellsprings, Oregon 99, Ashland, OR. We’ll gather in their big beautiful private and comfy community room with chairs and backjack options, cushions and rugs and lots of space to move around inside and out. It’s a shoes-off space, so please plan accordingly. 
LODGING: Camping prices include mineral healing hot pool, swimming, sauna and steam room.
Tent/car camping for $25. RV’s for $35.
Glamping: 6 person dome: $50 … 2 person dome: $40
(+$15 per extra person.) I recommend reserving glamping domes early – Call JW at (541) 482-3776 and pay $20 to hold yours. You can click here to go to Jackson Wellspring’s lodging page. The Lithia Springs Resort and several hotels are nearby as well, if that’s more your speed.
FOOD: If we have enough people interested, I’ll arrange a catered lunch (‘build your own’ style to accommodate food sensitivities and allergies) on Sat/Sun. Breakfasts and dinners are on your own. There is a cafe/deli on site and groceries/restaurants nearby.
TUITION:This event is open to everyone, so if the investment ask is beyond your means, please contact Kirsten at I am asking for contributions of between $80 and $600 per person to cover the venue and contribute to my sustainability as a healer. Save the dates, and hold your spot by getting your tickets hereThis retreat is valued at $500 for the weekend, not including food and lodging. All contributions to my birthday love offering are very welcome – please communicate your longing to contribute and/or donate here. <3


Tea, coconut water, and light snacks provided; feel free to bring healthy snacks to share with the group.

I’ll post our group requests here in the early spring for predictability for our nervous systems.

Please plan to arrive around nine, gather up by 9:15 to connect and prepare and begin at 9:30am. I recommend dressing in layers to accommodate fluctuating temperatures and bring socks or slippers to wear in the community room. (no shoes in circle please) Please be mindful not to use scented products before attending. I welcome group collaboration to respect the needs of all participants.

Please let me know if you have any questions: 206-851-7125.

My approach to working with illness in the constellation field is deeply informed by the principles of archetypal medicine. I believe that every symptom is a messenger with information or experience that is crucial to the growth and fulfillment of the soul. The work is then to be fully present with and begin to integrate that unconscious material wishing to be seen or heard. Often these unintegrated aspects are entangled with the fates of our families of origin or other ancestors. How can we expand ourselves to be fully present with what is? Let us explore this question together, helping release our symptoms of the need to struggle for our attention.

A PERSONAL NOTE: I have come to this work through direct experiences of injury, chronic health issues, depression, life-threatening illness, anxiety, and a variety of idiopathic syndromes. In Constellation work, I have consistently found an extremely powerful method of being with these challenges in satisfyingly lasting ways that can create enduring health and wellbeing. I have made it my central study for over a decade for this reason, and I am passionate about sharing these tools as widely as possible.

About Family, Systemic & Wellbeing Constellations:
Appealing to our innate human desire to live our lives in balance and harmony, this phenomenal methodology taps into the wisdom of the systems in which we live – our family systems, community systems, and organizational systems. The wisdom reveals and can transform the subtle energies, dynamics, and patterns that either enhance or hinder our ability to thrive. This is a process that explores life’s complexities with curiosity and brings warm understanding to them so that the most harmonious outcomes may arise. Bring your life questions, issues, challenges, and dreams to be explored.

Constellations are a safely held and gently facilitated experiential group process. When a seeker requests a constellation, and once the issue and intention are clarified, members of the group are invited to stand in as representatives for various aspects of the presenting issue. In following the movements of the constellation in the context of the field of knowing, we are guided into healing movements, expressions, and insights which can bring lasting change to persistent family of origin issues, internal systemic complexes, natal and developmental traumas, or other hidden influences, patterns, or entanglements which have often been in existence since long before birth.

There is no experience required for participation in this circle, and no special preparation is necessary. You are not required to present an issue of any kind. Deep healing can and does occur simply from witnessing or representing for others’ constellations, as we all exist in overlapping fields of resonance. I endeavor to work in ways that honor and respect each seeker’s comfort with the group and there is no need to reveal the details of any specific situation.

Often the issues and complexes we most desire to heal are created by the confluence of circumstances beyond our control and the reactions of the thinking mind – which generally cannot be unraveled by cognitive processes alone. By engaging our bodies’ innate wisdom, constellation can access deeply held belief systems that are unseen, unacknowledged or unconscious, bringing to light what most wants to be seen, and releasing previously stuck or frozen vitality into our lives.

In Constellation, we are invited beyond the thinking mind, cultivating a phenomenal heart and body-centered knowing that can heal chronic or acute issues other methods have failed to address.

In this circle, I am open and available to work with any issue, with special attention given to health and wellness concerns.

There is room for work, play, participation, or simply observation…everything we do is confidential, voluntary, and held with the highest intent and integrity for mutual healing and support.

Call me if you have any questions at 206-851-7125.

About the facilitator:
kirsten (ocean) has been studying constellation since 2004, facilitating since 2006, and training facilitators since 2011. they began studying dream tending and embarked on the shamanic path in the mid-nineties, graduated from a self-designed program in consciousness in 2009, and has been studying a wide variety of constellation forms, including systemic medicine with Stephan Hausner and relational neuroscience, non-violent communication and resonant empathy with Sarah Peyton since 2014. Passionate about paleopsychology, a study of the evolution of human consciousness, kirsten is a seasoned facilitator as well as a dreamer and visionary who believes in the power of love and the primacy of the heart.

warm resonant empathy and presence prevent traumatic stress

trauma is both healed and prevented by 'being with' our discomfort and pain in a safe and loving container