Kirsten is a walking, talking, real-life Mystery School.” ~ Rob Brezsny, astrologer, writer, poet, and musician ’13

“Kirsten is the closest thing I know to a dream shaman. She is powerfully conscious, compassionately focused and inspirationally directive. In 30 years, I expect her to be living in a hut on a mountain top. I recommend you go see her now before you have to climb the mountain to do it. For anyone seeking to explore questions like ‘Who am I?’ or ‘What is really important to me?’ or ‘How can I be more powerful in the world?’ Kirsten is the person to see.” ~ Scott Concinnity, musician and healthcare professional ’09

The session kicked off something that feels life altering. Some seminal events cause an entire life to shift. Blessings on you and your work.  ~ Susan, bodyworker ’14

Kirsten’s work has had life-altering impact on me. The profound wisdom, tuned sense, and exceptional facilitation ability combined with her authentic presence has catalyzed many a fruitful transformation in my life. Kirsten has graced me with countless gifts through my participation in her work, including having brought me in touch with my ancestors, facilitating my grounding more securely in the earth, exposing me to the penetrating healing of witness, and sharing psychic self care methods that have greatly elevated the quality of my life.
Whether via Skype, in person, on the phone, one on one, in groups, in constellation, or in readings and lots in between, every session with Kirsten has both satisfied and surprised me. I have greatly valued the inclusiveness of varying levels of engagement in her group offerings specifically. I recommend Kirsten for anyone who is ready to become acquainted with what lies beneath, or thinks they may some day be ready and wants to prepare. In my opinion, which is formed after nearly a decade, her unique and varied teachings are literally invaluable. I especially recommend her to those already inclined toward personal development, and especially for those looking for kinesthetic and experiential offerings in a world of self help books. I have witnessed Kirsten’s tireless efforts to improve her offerings, continue her education, and deepen her understanding of the modalities which she engages. Kirsten excels at many things and is a very versatile, intuitive resource to her community and to all of us as a collective. To me, she is who to call upon when you want to take yourself to the next level. ~ Courtnee Fallon Rex ’16

Kirsten brings a gentle, sharply compassionate, embracing style to her work that uproots the weeds out of our core behavioral patterns and in their place allows us to sow the seeds of our innermost yearnings for healthy and joyfully positive growth. ~ Ishvara Das, seeker ’13

Kirsten’s facilitation was stellar; she held space like a rockstar – strongly and easefully. I felt very safe in entering into very emotionally vulnerable places, and in connecting to my fellow workshop participants for this great work. I appreciated Kirsten’s rich and extensive background with Family Constellations, as well as her history with Shamanic knowledge and practices.  The Ancestral Healing workshop was so powerful. We were able to create such deep healing, both personally and – it seemed – globally. I am grateful. 🙂 ~ Adele Jerista, spiritual guide ’13

“Kirsten’s capacity to recognize the good in others and to help them see it in themselves is phenomenal.” ~ Sharon Pointer, school teacher ’10

“Kirsten situates her work within the global context of ecological, political and social crisis and strongly believes that reconnecting with our intuitive, pre-rational resources is key to finding a way into conscious, creative relationship with the Other, in whatever form.” ~ Artemis Jones, California Institute for Integral Studies ’11

“I am grateful to Kirsten for the profound healing. I know the constellation work unfolds over time and as the weeks go by I will experience more of a shift in both hoped for and unexpected healing. I was impressed with Kirsten’s command of our space and her gentle loving presence. I love how she brings together her studies as a shaman and the evolution of consciousness with family constellations.  Kirsten has a true gift.” ~ Jesse Reeder ’14 

“Kirsten’s energy and passion for her work is palpable –  She brings spiritual truths as well as intellectual rigor to her process.” ~ Sabina Kane, healthcare professional ’11

“Kirsten tends dreams with ultimate curiosity and reverence. She is a grounded walker between worlds.”~ Rachel Carroll Whalley, MA, MFA, LMHCA ’12

“I attended Ancestral Healing on All Souls Day 2013. I was looking for a combination of constellation work with a shamanic foundation and this workshop was just what I was hoping for. Kirsten gracefully and powerfully facilitated a beautiful and sacred experience. It is important to me that I work with someone who has been in the depths of human experience and knows how to navigate through this into a transformative potential. Kirsten certainly has this skill and makes herself available as a humble servant of the Universe. I have felt a shift in my physical body and the best thing is that I am reunited with my own Guides who are more present than ever to support me through the daily mystery dance between Spirit and Form.” ~ P. G. workshop participant ’13

“In a group setting Kirsten asked me to share a dream I’d recently had. Through working with my recollection and imagery while facilitating a conversation amongst the group, she was able to mine a tremendous amount of information lurking in my mind and give me a solid direction from which to approach the symbolism of my own unconscious. Using the dream as a tool, Kirsten has shown a powerful skill in helping others build on their self-awareness and internal understanding. ~ Scott Concinnity, musician and healthcare professional ’09

“I will unequivocally state that Kirsten is an excellent facilitator, gifted with intuition and insight that make every constellation successful. Her talents fit by this venture completely.” ~ Justin Martin, Oom Yung Doe instructor, 11

“Kirsten is an amazing healer and a blessing to those who would heed the wisdom and care she brings to bear. One of my first experiences with Kirsten’s ability to heal was through her careful questioning and gentle reflection. She was able to help me reopen the link between my waking life and my dreaming one — making it easier to recall my dreams and to understand the teachings I gain from them and now use in my daily life. She has often assisted me in making sense of the dreams that overwhelm me and I trust her input and insight with no reservations.” ~ David Lydon, avionics technician ’10

warm resonant empathy and presence prevent traumatic stress

trauma is both healed and prevented by 'being with' our discomfort and pain in a safe and loving container