RiverLightKirsten is passionate about catalyzing lasting change and creating sustainable support  for individuals, couples, families, groups and gatherings of all kinds. You are welcome to reach out at any time to kirsten@healing-earth.net.

Now is the time when we awaken, catalyze, upgrade, and master our innate and latent gifts of mutual healing and empowerment — supporting each other as we grow and evolve into fully sovereign beings in full integrity and connection with our Planet Earth.

We’re all in this together, and we’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve got. At Healing Earth, alternative lifestyles are deeply respected and highly celebrated. Difference is welcome here!

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Kirsten’s foundation is in the limitless wisdom of dreams and dreaming – in the realms of imagination, creativity, intuition and embodied knowing. In big dreams, throughout life, can be found the most enduring and practical orientations from which to navigate waking life.

Kirsten’s orientation is holistic, nature-based, embodied and aligned with the wisdom of the Earth.

Kirsten’s position is informed greatly by indigenous wisdom, ancient sacred sciences and heart-centered positive regard.

Kirsten’s engagement with individuals and groups tends toward playfulness, reverence, inclusion and authenticity.

Kirsten’s Studies have included the concepts of self-actualization and individuation since 1990, Eco-psychology and deep ecology since 1995, dream-tending and shamanic technique since 1998, alternative lifestyle as a subversive, revolutionary movement since 2000, Family Constellation and system theory since 2003, engaged education and diversity studies since 2004, paleo-psychology (the evolution of human consciousness) since 2005, ecumenical earth-based sweat lodge technology since 2012, Interpersonal Neuro-biology and empathy since 2015 and more.

Kirsten’s techniques are comprised of a variety of educational, experiential, creative and intuitive modalities. Drawing from studies in a wide range of knowing-ways including eco-psychology, paleo-psychology, social, transpersonal and depth psychology, mytho-poetics, philosophy, ecology, world religion, anthropology, history & pre-history, indigenous, ecumenical and lineage spiritual practices, and ritual design/leadership, among others, Kirsten’s techniques are both reliably predictable and ever changing with the flow of what is constellated in each moment.

Kirsten’s modes of mastery include  • facilitating constellation for healing, empowerment and transformation in public or private groups or in individual sessions, in person or at a distance via Skype, Zoom, phone or text message. • Training facilitators of family and systemic constellation through individual mentoring and group exploration. • Providing support, feedback, input and reflection for those most in need. Click here for more information on Kirsten’s services. 

You can contact me here, or email me at kirsten@healing-earth.net