biographical info:
ocean love (they/them) is a two-spirit, mixed race metis cree, native identified, nature-loving, nomadic, van-living entrepreneur, facilitator, writer and artist (thriving with an invisible chronic illness) who has been bewildered by and averse to civilization since being born into poverty in Whitefish Montana in the early 1970’s.

Guided by dreams and visions since childhood, ocean began studying dream tending and embarked on the shamanic path in the mid-nineties, graduating from a self-designed Antiochian program in indigenous consciousness in 2009.

Ocean has been studying constellation since 2004, facilitating since 2006 and training facilitators since 2010. Steeped in a rich background of shamanic practice, dream tending and other ancient and indigenous wisdom, ocean naturally embodies these principles in their facilitation style. Ocean first presented their unique Dream Constellation process at the US Constellation Conference and published a chapter on Dream Constellations in “Returning to Membership in Earth Community” (an anthology on Nature Constellations by Francesca Mason Boring and Ken Sloan) in 2011, served as Program Chair for the 2013 Conference in Seattle and presented a Dream Constellation Facilitator Training at the 2015 Conference in San Diego. A founding member of the Seattle Constellations Institute and the Cascadia Constellations Network, ocean continues to define an evolving edge of the work.


Recently ocean has been studying relational neuroscience, nvc and resonant trauma healing with Sarah Peyton and Nonviolent Social Justice Leadership with Roxy Manning.

Passionate about paleopsychology, a study of the evolution of human consciousness, ocean is a seasoned facilitator and master healer as well as a dreamer and visionary who believes in the power of love and the primacy of the heart-body.

my orientation is holistic, nature-based, embodied and informed greatly by indigenous wisdom, ancient sacred sciences and heart-centered warmth.

the techniques I bring are comprised of a variety of educational, experiential, creative and intuitive modalities. Drawing from studies in a wide range of knowing-ways including eco-psychology, paleo-psychology, social, transpersonal and depth psychology, mytho-poetics, philosophy, ecology, world religion, anthropology, history & pre-history, indigenous, ecumenical and lineage spiritual practices, and ritual design/leadership, among others, I tend to flow with  the ever changing rhythms of what is constellated in each moment. Click here to invest in an event or private session with ocean.

kirstenx cropmy offerings include  
• facilitating constellation for healing, empowerment and transformation

• training facilitators through individual mentoring and group exploration

• contributing to resonant support and empathy for individuals and their loved ones

I enjoy offering these trauma healing and transformative gifts in groups and individual sessions, in person or at a distance via Skype, Zoom, phone or text message.

my core foundation lies in the limitless wisdom of dreams and dreaming – in the realms of imagination, creativity, intuition and embodied knowing. In big dreams, throughout my life, I have found the most enduring and practical orientations from which to navigate waking life.

my studies have included the concepts of self-actualization and individuation since 1990, Eco-psychology and deep ecology since 1995, dream-tending and shamanic technique since 1998, alternative lifestyle as a subversive, revolutionary movement since 2000, Family Constellation and system theory since 2003, engaged education and diversity studies since 2004, paleo-psychology (the evolution of human consciousness) since 2005, ecumenical earth-based sweat lodge technology since 2012, Interpersonal Neuro-biology, trauma-healing, NVC and empathy since 2015.

my style of engagement with individuals and groups tends toward playfulness, reverence, inclusion and authenticity.

I welcome you to contact me here about anything at all, or email me directly at

warm resonant empathy and presence prevent traumatic stress

trauma is both healed and prevented by 'being with' our discomfort and pain in a safe and loving container